Guided Reading Levels B,C

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Guided Reading Leveled Books
Levels B, C

 Level   A   BC   DEFG   HI   JK   LM   NO   P   QR   ST   U   VW   XYZ 
 Grade   K   K/1   1   1/2   2   2/3   3   3/4   4   4/5   5   5/6   6 
Level B

Carle, Eric  Have You Seen My Cat?
Fries, Marcia  I See Shapes
Graves, Kimberlee  See How It Grows
Jordano, Kimberly  I Am Special
Keeler, Renee  Our Pumpkin
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  One Pig, Two Pigs...
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Some Dogs Don't.
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  What Can You See?
Tafuri, Nancy  Have You Seen My Duckling?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Buttons, Buttons
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Four Seasons, The
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Here is My Cat
Williams Lanczak, Rozanne  How's the Weather?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  I Have Shapes
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  I See
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  I See Colors.
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Look Up! What Can I See?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  On the Wall
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Pigs
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  This is My World
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Under the Sky
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  We Can Share at School

Level C

Allen, Margaret  Pugs Hugs
Eberts and Gisler, Marjorie and Margaret  Pancakes, Crackers, and Pizza
Graves, Kimberlee  Is It Alive?
Gregorich, Barbara  Fox on the Box, The
Gregorich, Barbara  I Want a Pet
Gregorich, Barbara  Up Went the Goat
Kalan, Robert  Rain
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  B-I-N-G-O
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  End, The
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Little Fish
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  What Can You Do?
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  What Do You Have?
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Where Do You Live?
Martin Jr., Bill  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Peek, Merle  Roll Over! : A Counting Song
Petrie, Catherine  Joshua James Likes Trucks
Tafuri, Nancy  Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  All Through the Week with Cat and Dog
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Buttons, Buttons
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Cat and Dog
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  How Many?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Little Red Hen Makes Soup
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  On the Go
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Rain
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Scaredy Cat
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  We Are the Monsters!
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  We Can Eat the Plants
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  What Can I Be?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Where's Your Tooth?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Who Lives Here?
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Whose Forest Is It?
Williams, Sue  I Went Walking

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