Guided Reading Levels H, I

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Guided Reading Leveled Books
Levels H, I

 Level   A   BC   DEFG   HI   JK   LM   NO   P   QR   ST   U   VW   XYZ 
 Grade   K   K/1   1   1/2   2   2/3   3   3/4   4   4/5   5   5/6   6 
Level H

Aliki  We Are Best Friends
Athaide, Tina  At the Firehouse with Dad
Barton, Byron  Building A House
Barton, Byron  Buzz Buzz Buzz
Berenstain, Stan and Jan  Old Hat, New Hat
Brown, Margaret Wise  Goodnight Moon
Ferreri, Della Ross  Hey! You're Eating My Homework
Gay, Shelia  Dressing Up
Gay, Shelia  Snow
Gregorich, Barbara  Jace, Mace and the Big Race
Hutchins, Pat  What Game Shall We Play?
Hutchins, Pat  You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch
Johnson, Crockett  Picture for Harold's Room, A
Joyce, William  George Shrinks
Kraus, Robert  Come Out and Play, Little Mouse
Kraus, Robert  Where Are You Going Little Mouse?
Kraus, Robert  Whose Mouse Are You?
Lopshire, Robert  Put Me in the Zoo
Lunde, Darrin  Hello Bumblebee Bat
Lunde, Darrin  Meet the Meerkat
Magee, Wes  Fancy Dress Parade, The
McGee, Wes  Fancy Dress Parade, The
McQuinn, Anna  Lola at the Library
Magee, Wes  You Might Fall
Mayer, Mercer  Just Me and My Babysitter
Mayer, Mercer  Just Me and My Puppy
Miller, Heather  Cowboy
Miller, Heather  Teacher
Munoz-Ryan, Pam  Hello Ocean
Robart, Rose  Cake That Mack Ate, The
Trapani, Iza  Shoo, Fly!
Trapani, Iza  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Welch, Willy  Grumbly Bunnies
Whitehouse, Patricia  Barn Owls
Whitehouse, Patricia  Bats
Whitehouse, Patricia  Coyotes
Whitehouse, Patricia  Opossums
Whitehouse, Patricia  Plant Math
Whitehouse, Patricia  Raccoons
Whitehouse, Patricia  Rats
Whitehouse, Patricia  Roots
Whitehouse, Patricia  Skunks
Whitehouse, Patricia  Zoo Patterns
William, Rozanne Lanczak  Coin Counting Book, The
Yorke, Malcolm  Granny Bundle's Boring Walk

Level I

Barton, Byron  Airport
Berenstain, Stan & Jan  Bike Lesson, The
Brown, Marc  Spooky Riddles
Brownrigg, Sheri  All Tutus Should Be Pink
Carle, Eric  Very Busy Spider, The
Cebulash, Mel  Willie's Wonderful Pet
Eastman, P.D  Are You My Mother?
Flack, Marjorie  Angus and the Cat
Fox, Mem  Hattie and the Fox
Freeman, Don  Rainbow of My Own
Galdone, Paul  Henny Penny
Hayes, Sarah  Eat Up, Gemma
Hayes, Sarah and Craig, Helen  This is the Bear
Heilbroner, Joan  Robert the Rose Horse
Hill, Eric  Spot's Birthday Party
Hoff, Syd  Albert the Albatross
Hoff, Syd  Barney's Horse
Hutchins, Pat  Good-Night, Owl!
Hutchins, Pat  Happy Birthday, Sam
Hutchins, Pat  Tidy Titch
Jonas, Ann  Quilt, The
Jonas, Ann  Reflections
Jonas, Ann  Trek, The
Kline, Suzy  Don't Touch!
Kovalski, Maryann  Wheels on the Bus
Kraus, Robert  Leo the Late Bloomer
Kraus, Robert  Where Are You Going, Little Mouse?
Kroll, Virginia  Really Rabbits
Kwitz, Mary DeBall  Little Chick's Friend Duckling
Mayer, Mercer  Just a Mess
Mayer, Mercer  Just Grandma and Me
Mayer, Mercer  Just Me and My Dad
Mayer, Mercer  There's a Nightmare in my Closet
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Fat Pig, The
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Gingerbread Man, The
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Lickin Chicken
McCracken, Robert and Marlene  Old Woman and the Pig, The
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri  Little Green Witch, The
McLeod, Emilie Warren  Bear's Bicycle, The
McPhail, David  Fix-It
Miller, Heather  Astronaut
Miller, Heather  Construction Worker
Miller, Heather  Doctor
Miller, Heather  Firefighter
Miller, Heather  Librarian
Miller, Heather  Nurse
Miller, Heather  Police Officer
Miller, Heather  Zookeeper
Nodset, Joan L.  Who Took the Farmer's Hat?
Preller, James  Hiccups for Elephant
Purkis, Sallie  Teddy Bears
Rees, Noreen  Picnic Tea
Rockwell, Anne  Apples and Pumpkins
Rockwell, Anne  Trucks
Rosen, Michael  We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Sadler, Marilyn  It's Not Easy Being a Bunny
Schaefer, Lola M.  Newts
Sendak, Maurice  Alligators All Around
Slater, Teddy  Bunny Hop, The
Stevens, Janet  Three Billy Goats Gruff, The
Stinson, Kathy  Red is Best
Stone, Rosetta  Because A Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!
Wade, Barrie  Hannah
Whitehouse, Patricia  Elephant
Whitehouse, Patricia  Flamingo
Whitehouse, Patricia  Giraffe
Whitehouse, Patricia  Hippopotamus
Whitehouse, Patricia  Leaves
Whitehouse, Patricia  Ostrich
Whitehouse, Patricia  Sea Lion
Whitehouse, Patricia  Seeds
Whitehouse, Patricia  Tiger
Whitehouse, Patricia  What's Awake 123
Whitehouse, Patricia  What's Awake ABC
Zolotow, Charlotte  I Know a Lady

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