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Guided Reading Leveled Books
Levels V, W

 Level   A   BC   DEFG   HI   JK   LM   NO   P   QR   ST   U   VW   XYZ 
 Grade   K   K/1   1   1/2   2   2/3   3   3/4   4   4/5   5   5/6   6 
Level V

Aiken, Joan  Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The
Avi  Fighting Gourd, The
Avi  True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The
Bial, Raymond  Underground Railroad, The
Bitton-Jackson, Livia  I Have Lived a Thousand Years
Bulion, Leslie  Hey There, Stink Bug!
Celenza, Anna Harwell  Bach’s Goldberg Variations
Celenza, Anna Harwell  Farewell Symphony
Celenza, Anna Harwell  Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue
Celenza, Anna Harwell  Heroic Symphony
Celenza, Anna Harwell  Pictures at an Exhibition
Chin-Lee, Cynthia  Akira to Zoltan
Chin-Lee, Cynthia  Amelia to Zora
Fleischman, Sid  By the Great Horn Spoon!
Giblin, James Cross  Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, The
Gill, Shelley  Hawai’ir
Gipson, Fred  Old Yeller
Halpern, Paul  Faraway Worlds
Henkes, Kevin  Birthday Room, The
L'Engle, Madeline  Swiftly Tilting Planet, A
L'Engle, Madeleine  Wrinkle in Time, A
Lunn, Janet  Root Cellar, The
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri  Storm
McKissak, Patricia and Fredrick  Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman?
Montgomery, L.M  Anne of Green Gables
North, Sterling  Rascal
O'Dell, Scott  Island of the Blue Dolphin
O'Dell, Scott  My Name Is Not Angelica
Paterson, Katherine  Jip: His Story
Paulsen, Gary  Dogsong
Pene du Bois, William  Twenty-One Balloons, The
Perkins, Mitali  Rickshaw Girl
Raskin, Ellen  Westing Game, The
Reeder, Carolyn  Foster's War
Sachar, Louis  Holes
Taylor, Theodore  Cay, The
Uchida, Yoshiko  Journey Home
Wallace, Bill  Biggest Klutz in Fifth Grade, The
Yep, Laurence  Rainbow People, The

Level W

Ajmera, Maya; Versola, Anna R.  Children From Austrailia to Zimbabwe
Auerbacher, Inge  I Am A Star: Child of the Holocaust
Blizzard, Gladys S.  Animals in Art
Blizzard, Gladys S.  Enjoying Art w/ Children
Blizzard, Gladys S.  Enjoying Landscape Art w/ Children
Blizzard, Gladys S.  World of Play
Blume, Judy  Tiger Eyes
Choi, Sook Nyul  Year of Impossible Goodbyes
Cisneros, Sandra  House on Mango Street, The
Cleary, Beverly  Girl From Yamhill, A
Coyne, Jennifer Tar  Discovering Woman Artists for Children
Dennis, Yvonne Wakim; Hirschefelder, Arlene  Children of Native America Today
Fritz, Jean  You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton?
Greenfield, Eloise  Sister
Grimes, Nikki  Jazmin's Notebook
Hesse, Karen  Phoenix Rising
Hesse, Karen  Time of Angels, A
Heydlauff, Lisa  Going to School in India
Laird, Elizabeth  Kiss the Dust
Lane, Kimberly  Latin American Art
Mason, Prue  Camel Rider
Matthaei, Gay; Grutman, Jewel  Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
McGraw, Eloise Jarvis  Moccasin Trail
Noelani, Jessica  Exploring Modern Art
O’Brien, Patrick  Making of a Knight
Osofsky, Randy  Art in Early America
Paulsen, Gary  Nightjohn
Paulsen, Gary  Sarny A Life Remembered
Paulsen, Gary  Winterdance
Richardson, R. Sarah  Artist at Work
Rolling, James Haywood  Discovering African American Art for Children
Rylant, Cynthia  Missing May
Solomon, Stephanie  American Indian Art
Spinelli, Jerry  Maniac Magee
Taylor, Mildred D  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Wisler, G. Clifton  Mr. Lincoln's Drummer
Wisler, G. Clifton  Red Cap
Yep, Laurence  Dragon's Gate

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